Moola Ram
Agronomist Farmer
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Have we ever thought what is that we want to get in our life? What is our ultimate goal of life as a human being? Is it money or position or something else? All may end but ultimate goal may not end till end of life. If our goal for certain period is money and position then at least after acquiring money and position, we should lead a life of  true human being, we should act as true human being. In fact being human is only our ultimate goal. If it is not so with us, then perhaps we are deviated from our ultimate goal and thus we remain empty handed even after accumulation of so much physical wealth in the world. In such a condition one can never get internal happiness, the everlasting happiness. We all are working day and night like machines for happiness in life and if happiness is not there in life then we have to think over it where is the lacuna, is this in physical accumulation or in within ourselves. 

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Welcome to the website
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